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Window Treatment Ideas without Rods

Posted at January 21, 2017 7:50 by Admin in Interior Window Treatment Ideas

There are many kinds of curtain we can use for our window. It can be seen from the color, the model, the size, and they can be appropriate with all kind of the window’s style. The one kind of the window’s style is window treatment ideas without rods.

Rods are being the important component of the curtain. So the curtain can make the Windows’s neat. But, we can also use curtain without he rods. Usually the rods can be the damage component for our children in home. Because they ordered to play around the rods. So we should have the best alternative for using the curtain.

window treatment ideas without rods

There are some alternative component to use curtain, like hooks, knobs, tension wire, rope, coding crafty, and wire hangers. They will be saver for our children. Because they can be the permanent hanger that is hung on the wall then the curtain is on it. (Read More: Window Treatment Ideas Using Sheers)

window treatment ideas without rods

Beginning with the Wire hangers can be used as panels of the curtain. There many kinds of its shape. For making the hanger as and the curtain matching, we can paint the hangers with the same color as the curtain have.

Different with the Crafty. It is also like rods, but the shape I various. It can be shaped like a branch of three or others creative shape. It depends on the theme of the room. Because every room has its own theme then it can make the room nice.

window treatment ideas without rods

The other window treatment ideas without rods are rope, cording, and tension ware have their own example. The different of each can be seen from the shape, color, and also the base matter of the curtain. Then Hooks and knobs are also being the best alternative for window treatment ideas without rods. It will make the better decoration.

The availability if the window treatment ideas without rods can be the best alternative for having the best decoration of the windows.

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