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Window Treatment Ideas Low Ceiling

Posted at January 24, 2017 13:42 by Admin in Interior Window Treatment Ideas

The simple home in this modern era will use ceiling to make the home neater. It is because the roof will make the floor is easy to be dirty. The wind from outside make us to sweep some times. But when we use ceiling, the floor will be cleaner. Besides, we also use the best window treatment ideas low ceiling.

But the fact is when we have the low ceiling home, we can’t do the matching furniture, so the sense of uncomforted will be felt.

window treatment ideas low ceiling

For the home that has the low ceiling, usually will use the window should be larger. It will make the home wider although the ceiling is low. Besides, the use of the curtain for the windows. We should choose the best kind of the curtain. Make the curtain match with the concept of the home. It is important to give the high sense of the low ceiling. (read moder: Window Treatment Ideas without Rods)

The main strategy to make the low ceiling wider is by using the strip pattern of the decoration. The strip pattern will give the high sense. It can be applied for the wallpaper and also the curtain. There are many kinds of curtain motif that is stripped motif. It will beautify the windows and also make the low ceiling of the hoe become higher. So the window treatment ideas low ceiling concept is being the particular concept.

window treatment ideas low ceiling

The stripped motif of the curtain in window treatment ideas low ceiling, can be in line form, long square, curve, and also curve motif. The use of the curtain also make the window higher although the ceiling is low. So when we are inside of the room, we will see the ceiling higher and also see the room wider.

It is important to make the comfortability in our home, although our home is minimalist home. Window treatment ideas low ceiling is being the good references for us. Be your home as comfort as possible.

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